Hopper-Bottom Steel Silo

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Hopper-Bottom Steel Silo

Product Description

Includes the wall plate, column, manhole, roof ladders and so on. (1) The wall plate Our steel is hot galvanized, which makes it durable and weather resistant. Our advanced bolts with spherical washer and the resisting-worn rubber are used to ensure the tightness and using period. (2) Column The column, made by the Z-bar, is used to reinforce the silo body. It is connected by junction panels. (3) Manhole and Roof Ladders There are inspection door and ladders inside and outside the silo body. It is convenient and accessible for any maintenance work.

Product Feature
1. Less foundation cost, light weight. 2. High degree of standardiazation. We make steel silos as per customer detailed requests. 3. Simply installation method: Assembly. 4. Operated easily. 5. Easy maintainence. 6. Long life time. 20--25 years

Product Specification/Models
Model Number TCZK06412 Made of steel sheet Capacity 364t Layer 12 Volume 485m3 Hopper bottom height 3.68m Silo bin height 13.51m Total height 19.08m

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1 container

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