2500-5000ton Silo

Min. Order: 50 Tons
Payment Terms: T/T
2500-5000ton Silo

Product Description

1 Lower basic cost
2 High degree of standardization
3 Simple, easy and efficient to install
4 Easy to maintain
5 long tenure
Diameter: 8.250m
Layer: 10
Volume: 726 m3
Capacity: 544 Ton
Hopper bottom height: 5.2m
Silo bin height: 11.27m
Total height: 18.89m

Our bolted steel silo is used to store grain, seed, feed, cement, coal and other granular or powdered materials. Popular uses for our product include, Temporary Transit, Raw Material, and Grain warehouses. Current applications of the Bolted Steel Silo is to provide efficient and affordable storage solutions for grain warehousing, alcohol plant, flourmill, oil mill, starch factory, feed mill, malt factory, distilleries, seaport, farm, and grain-processing centers, etc.

Some advantages of our product:
1. Lower basic cost with lightweight, low request for foundation, low consumption of steel.
2. High degree of standardization. We can produce the standard components which can be installed on-the-spot.
3. Simple, easy and efficient to install within a short amount of time due to superior component design which are connected by standard bolts.
4. Easy to understand. The bolted silo is equipped with relevant accessories, such as: Conveyor, ventilation, drying and monitoring devices, etc. To ensure the quality and safety of the material stored in the silo.
5. Easy to maintain. As the parts of the silo are connected by standard bolts, so it is easy to remove or repair it.
6. Low cost and long tenure of use. The cost of bolted silo is just 35%-50% of the cement silo with the same specification; And its life span can reach 30 years.

Hopper-bottom silos:
* steel silos with 45 Deg. Bottom Cone
Volume: 7.2m3-1855m3
Capacity: 5.4t-1428t
Diameter: 1.8m-11m
* steel silos with 55 Deg. Bottom Cone
Volume: 7.5m3-981m3
Capacity: 5.8t-755t
Diameter: 1.8m-8.2m
* steel silos with 60 Deg. Bottom Cone
Volume: 8.4m3-701m3
Capacity: 6.3t-528t
Diameter: 1.8m-7.334m

The structure consists of two parts: The body and the roof.
Includes the wall plate, column, manhole, roof ladders and so on.
(1) The wall plate
Our steel is hot galvanized, which makes it durable and weather resistant. Our advanced bolts with spherical washer and the resisting-worn rubber are used to ensure the tightness and using period.
(2) Column
The column, made by the Z-bar, is used to reinforce the silo body. It is connected by junction panels.
(3) Manhole and Roof Ladders

There are inspection door and ladders inside and outside the silo body. It is convenient and accessible for any maintenance work.
Roof is made up of radiated beam, roof cover board, tension ring, ventilator scoop, roof cap, etc.

The space age construction technology, which is adopted in the design of the silo framework, can ensure the stability of silo under the large span. There is a guardrail around the silo eaves and there is also a manhole on top of the roof.

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